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Ride The Vibe is a pre-recorded live podcast produced, out of the beautiful “living room” style setting of the DRS Atlanta, located in Roswell, GA. The show is hosted by Michael Litten, “The Last DJ” and Wahid Gomes, Executive Producer/owner of the studio. Theme music provided by Peter Perkins. Disclaimer - We have permission to use all the music played in this show from the copyright holder.

May 6, 2022

Conversation with Recording Artist: Lo Lo

Join Michael Litten "The Last DJ" for an in-depth discussion.
Featuring a variety of songs from his NEW album TAURUS.

Sponsored by Drinkmate

Theme music provided by Peter Perkins


Lo Lo Bio

“I’m not scared of or for anything I create. I made it. I know the ins & outs. And if I made it to succeed then that’s what’ll do in it’s own right and time”

“Taurus”, his debut album, is slated to be released May 6th, just 4 days past his birthday of May 2nd.

“I want the people who understand the zodiac or use it sometimes as ways to “figure me out” to understand that the Taureans are more than just stubborn or the other stereotypes we hear constantly. We are complex. We are empaths. We are the heart of the zodiac and I hope that by bearing some of my feelings that I can show listeners that Taureans are all of these things and more.”


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